CASE STUDY: A little extra help

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CASE STUDY: A little extra help


A housing association tenant who had become a recluse, avoiding social interaction, has opened the doors to the team at SCS.

The firm was tasked with carrying out a full clear out and clean of the property that had fallen into a severe state of disrepair, the tenant suffering from mental health issues and becoming increasingly socially isolated from the outside world.

Having refused access to representatives of the social landlord, he finally accepted there help and the job was given to SCS after coming highly recommended from someone within the housing group. Nathan from SCS and Paul from the housing group attended to assess the work that was needed to get the gentleman’s flat up to a liveable standard again.

Nathan and Paul worked closely together to ensure minimal impact to the tenant and came up with a plan that was followed by Tom and Josh. The work was carried out within the time frame and completed to a high standard with a happy client and tenant

Initially the gentleman had refused all help so it was vital that Tom and Josh gained his trust in order for him to allow the housing group to carry out further essential work as in electrical, gas safety checks etc. Once inside the team continued to chat and slowly carry out the works at a pace he was comfortable with him so he was not overwhelmed by it all.

Tom of SCS explained: “We were really pleased that this tenant allowed us to enter the property and carry out work, but perhaps more importantly, to communicate with us and allow us into his home. He began to speak openly and honestly with us, explaining how and why things has developed as they had.

“We managed to carry out a full and thorough clean and have transformed the property. We also helped the tenant source a new bed and fridge and put him in touch with other useful organisations that could support him moving forward.”

He added: “Sometimes it just takes someone who shows that they care and are interested. Working in the community with different people means that our job is always different and each day is unique. If we can make a difference as was the case here, it certainly adds something special to a working day!”

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