CASE STUDY: Pigeon Pest Control

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CASE STUDY: Pigeon Pest Control


When SCS were tasked with what appeared to be a simple pest control job, a visit to site uncovered a much larger task.

SCS were initially tasked with assessing a balcony that was covered in pigeon waste. Upon further inspection, the team identified a loft space through a broken ceiling board, where upto 20 pigeons  including babies and eggs had roosted.

The team explained a recommended plan of action to the tenant and provided the housing association with a quote who accepted promptly, with work beginning later that week.

Work was carried out during the night in order to ensure a maximum number of pigeons had returned to roost for the night. SCS blocked up the hole so they could not escape and destroyed them swiftly and humanely. The following morning, the team returned to start with the clearing of the loft insulation contaminated by the pigeons, using a specially designed product to ensure ultimate safety for the operatives, guaranteeing protection from threat of disease.

The team were kitted out with white suits and full face respirators throughout the clean up. The following and final day, SCS began work on the balcony, applying the same approach with full PPE. A pick axe was used to break up the pigeon waste which had become incredibly hard. Due to the depth, this area needed treating multiple times and a full five litres of chemicals (watered down to make 250 litres) utilised when clearing and cleaning bird waste.

Milk cartons were found dating back some 13+ years ago at the bottom which were removed and destroyed. Once the balcony was fully cleaned, the area was netted to prevent this from happening again. The job was completed and signed off by a very satisfied client:

Mike Cook of Sovini Property Services said: “A big thanks to Nathan and his team who completed works including removal of pigeon mess, as always completed on time and with a good can do mentality.”

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