CASE STUDY: Removal of asbestos floor tiles tiles in primary school

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CASE STUDY: Removal of asbestos floor tiles tiles in primary school

sports hall

Client – Private contractor

The school holidays marks a natural break in the year when schools are keen to see essential maintenance works completed, including removal of any asbestos.

Contractors carrying out works at this primary school in Bolton had identified asbestos floor tiles throughout the sports hall. Whilst the tiles were generally in good condition and posed minimum threat, the client was keen to see them removed prior to works beginning.

A total of 195 square metres of floor tiles were removed by SCS across a two day period. The tiles were removed swiftly, a team of two lifting and stacking them in small piles across the hall. The parcels were then double bagged, removed safely and a final hoover ensured no remnants are particles were left.

Luke Brennan of SCS commented: “We carry out a lot of work in the education sector were many school buildings built within a specific period, can be found to contain asbestos in various areas. We understand the sensitive nature of working in school buildings as well as the need to be flexible and carry out works within the holidays.

“This was a relatively simple job, the tiles came up with ease and we were able to finalise all works within two days, allowing the contractor to safely begin all refurbishment works straight away.”

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