Trauma Cleaning

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SCS provides trauma cleaning services for housing associations, providers of sheltered accommodation and police forces across the UK. The experienced team offers a full service discipline including:

  • Securing crime scenes
  • Removal and cleaning of bio hazards
  • Forensic support and offensive weapon assistance for search teams
  • Fingerprint dust removal
  • Sensitive waste removal

Whether a crime has been committed, there is an undiscovered death, or the scene surrounding a death has been left in a state of disarray. It will be a time of distress for the deceased's family. At each and every trauma cleaning job the SCS team complete the work in a professional, safe and discreet manner and treat each trauma cleaning job with sensitivity.


Every one of our team members undergoes rigorous training through the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners. The course is designed to offer a complete insight into the world of crime scene cleaning. The training is fairly intense and involves cleaning mocked-up scenarios where fake-blood, skin and body fluids are splattered across rooms. The team will also see footage filmed at previous extreme cleans, which helps to show them the truth of the job.

The team is also given advice and educated on how to cope with people traumatised by the scene they are cleaning up which can include grieving family members, or even the landlord left to deal with the aftermath of criminal activity.”

Once the appropriate training is given and the SCS team are ready to begin work on site, then the theory through the training must be applied on an everyday practical level.

Health and Safety

Cleaning a crime scene is not easy and a long way from the work of our regular work so choosing the right tem members to work in this area is important. Crime residue and other biological waste and matter, especially hypodermic needles, need correct handling. Without the right procedure the team could be at risk of Hepatitis, HIV/AIDs, and other nasty infections and diseases and so attention to detail is key.

The threats which can be present at trauma scene clean-ups are now recognised to be considerable, including Hepatitis B and other pathogens. With the recent tightening of health and safety regulations, we have to take this threat to health into account and we have a statutory duty to ensure the health and safety of our team members.

As a consequence there is a need for an increased level of professionalism, with clients now recognising that in order to discharge their responsibilities properly, they should use specialist cleaning businesses, such as ourselves, who have been properly trained on an accredited training scheme.

Each job requires a different approach, and a range of cleaning tools and products.  There are specific approaches for various scenarios and its critical our team understand the process and protocols, and the science behind the method.


It is a common misconception that crime scene cleaning and trauma cleaning is the responsibility of the police. Sadly, this is not the case. At a time when it is often the last thing anybody would want to think about, the organisation of crime scene cleaning and trauma cleaning is the responsibility of the business or individuals involved.

We use the latest products, materials and techniques to ensure that the area is thoroughly de-contaminated, removing every trace of biohazard, leaving the environment cleans and safe. All waste is packaged and removed safely and securely and is disposed of using specialist external facilities. Once the work is completed, a full and final examination will be carried out and we will give you a certificate that confirms all works have been actioned to the highest possible standard.

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